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MENII Memories, MENII Voices - Workshop

20 October | 11:00 - 15:30

Irish Museums Association (IMA) - Queen's University Belfast (QUB)

Event Address

Chester Beatty, Dublin

Presented as part of the MENII Memories, MENII Voices (MMMV) project, a one-year public engagement project working with meaningful objects, this workshop will bring a small group of museum professionals together to sensitively explore the topics of colonialism, imperialism and decolonisation through museum objects and to learn from one another about how they are approaching these themes or any issues that they raise – both for themselves and for communities that they work with.  

The workshop will cover the following:

  1. Introduction to MMMV2 from Queen’s University Belfast and the Irish Museums Association.
  2. Introduction to current practice within the Chester Beatty.
  3. Object Study session in the Reading Room with the Chester Beatty staff, examining relevant case studies
  4. Participants discussion on the representation of empire and colonialism in their museum collections or research, and their understanding of best practice as well as their concerns or development needs.
  5. Group discussion of what ‘decolonisation’ means in an Irish / Northern Irish museum context.


It is envisioned that a second workshop will take place in Derry in March 2024. 

MENII Memories, MENII Voices is led by a QUB – IMA – ArtsEkta partnership. Click here for further information.

The MENII Memories, MENII Voices project would like to acknowledge and thank the Chester Beatty for their support of this workshop.