IMA Annual Conference

2024 Irish Museums Association Annual Conference

Beyond Boundaries: The future for regional museums

23 + 24 May 2024

Beyond Boundaries: The future for regional museums

The 2024 IMA Annual Conference, Beyond Boundaries: The future for regional museums, will be held in Carlow on Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th of May. 


Beyond Boundaries: The future for regional museums seeks to delve into the nuanced considerations involved in exploring the intersection of regional richness and national aspirations.

Regional and local museums not only serve as living testaments to their histories and cultural heritage material but also stand as symbols of inclusivity, reflecting the diversity of local cultures and celebrating their communities.

These dynamic institutions intricately shape our national cultural landscape, weaving together the rich heritage across Ireland. They are, in addition, catalysts for physical, economic, and social regeneration of the area in which they are located. However, despite their centrality to the cultural fabric of the island, the provision, funding and support of these is often haphazard and uneven. This conference aims to examine the key factors which propel and guide investment in our regional and local museums. What are the consequences of the lack of joined up thinking when it comes to museum provision in Ireland and  what policies and support mechanisms are required to foster stronger partnerships among national, regional, and local museums?

Join us in Carlow, on occasion of the 50th anniversary of its County Museum, as we seek to not only facilitate meaningful conversations that inspire concrete positive actions, but also to enjoy two days full of opportunities to connect with colleagues from across the island and beyond and enjoy Carlow's cultural offering. 


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