IMA Annual Conference

2019 Irish Museums Association Annual Conference

We are all Engagers

1-2 March, Cork

We are all Engagers

Museums are rising to the challenge of increasing and diversifying their audiences and are enthusiastic in their commitment to playing an active role in improving lives and creating a better society. However the 'relevance' of the museum is still mostly discussed in relation to sustaining and increasing audiences and social contribution, yet not posing the question of how we can ensure these changing values and aims are embedded in the core of the museum.

We are all Engagers considered how museums can imbue audience-centred thinking within their organisational culture, in particular how we develop and reimagine collections in ways which will actively engage the public. How can we unlock our full potential by becoming more dynamic, agile, and responsive to issues of contemporary relevance?

This conference was presented with the support of Crawford Art Gallery, The Glucksman, Cork Public Museum and Cork Heritage Office; with funding provided by the Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht and The Heritage Council.

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