Tax relief measures extended for Museums across UK

21 Mar 2023

Tax relief for museums and galleries, along with theatres and orchestras, across the UK will be extended for a period of two years, from April 2023.

This temporary move is intended to assist businesses to keep investing in high quality and ambitious exhibitions and productions, allowing these sectors to compete globally and contribute to the UK economy.

Announced as part of the Spring Budget 2023, presented by the Chancellor of the Exchequer to Parliament on 15 March 2023, the tax releifs include:

- Tax relief rates with remain at 45-50% until April 2025.

- The sunset clause of the museums and galleries tax relief will be extended until April 2026.

- Productions that have not concluded by 1 April 2024 may continue to claim European Economic Area expenditure until 31 March 2025.

However, the qualifying expenditure for these tax reliefs is being changed to expenditure on goods and services that are used and consumed in the UK.

For more information, see Spring Budget 2023 | Arts Council England