Support actions, Museums and Cultural Organisations in Ukraine

21 Mar 2022

These last weeks we have seen people, organisations and communities organising to help our fellow human beings affected by the war in Ukraine. A number of museum network organisations have been collating support actions. Please share these pages with affected people, especially contacts you may have at Ukrainian museums and museum professionals.

NEMO has been collecting and monitoring support actions organised by European museums in support of Ukraine, gathered in a new webpage that gathers initiatives relating to:

  • Storage and Housing
  • Donations
  • Education and Exhibitions
  • Statements issued by European museum organisations

If you want to contribute with an offer to the webpage, please send your initiative (including location and description in English) to

The Heritage Rescue Emergency Initiative (HERI) has collected information on the most pressing needs of museums and museum professionals in Ukraine. We encourage people and organisation able to donate to consider donating to HERI which will make sure that the funds are distributed to those in need.

ICOM Poland has launched an initiative to support Ukrainian museum professionals arriving in Poland as Refugees. To support and make a donation, see:

Museums Association (UK) have collated resources and initiatives from the wider cultural heritage sector that includes appeals made for logistics partners, sponsors, equipment and materials. More information is available in this article by MA news editor and staff writer, Geraldine Kendall Adams, with additional research by Matthew Kibble: https://www.museumsassociation...

The MA’s Benevolent Fund will provide funds to support the provision of 20 grants of 850 Euros to ICOM Poland’s scheme to assist Ukrainian museum professionals in Poland. If you wish to help them provide further support to this scheme, you can donate to the MA via their donation appeal page. All funds donated will be passed on to ICOM Poland for this purpose. The MA is also offering 100 free two-year MA essential memberships to any Ukrainian museum colleagues affected by the conflict. If you wish to apply for a free membership, please email

ICOM (International Council of Museums) have outlined in their statement concerning the Russian invasion into Ukraine, a range of online free and accessible tools which can help in crises such as this, including but not limited to: ICOM and UNESCO Museums Security and Disaster Preparedness in Running a Museum: Practice Handbook, ICCROM First Aid to Cultural Heritage in Times of Crisis – Toolkit or UNESCO and ICCROM Endangered heritage: emergency evacuation of heritage collections.