Save the Date: Decolonising the Catalogues

24 Sep 2021

The Irish Museums Association (IMA) has announced keynote speakers for the Decolonising the Catalogues conference, taking place Tuesdays and Fridays from 19 - 30 November 2021


Decolonising the Catalogues is a programme of talks and practical application workshops exploring how museums are looking beyond decolonisation as centred around acquisition practices, to find a more collaborative and ethical approach to all areas of work within the museum. It specifically looks at how museums have traditionally excluded marginalised ethnic groups from the process of documenting and describing material created from within their culture: the language used, from our databases to our displays. 

Keynote speakers include Professor Dan Hicks, University of Oxford and Pitt Rivers Museum, Dr Hannah Turner, School of Information - University of British Columbia; Marenka Thompson-Odlum, Pitt Rivers Museum, Rachel Hand, Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology, University of Cambridge, and Aalia Kamal, The Heritage Council. 

Decolonising the Catalogues will additionally examine how, in Ireland, there is also a need to address the ways in which the indigenous culture of Irish Travellers has been largely ignored or misrepresented by museums, with panellists Dan Breen, Museum Curator of Cork Public Museum; Oein DeBhairduin, Author and Co-founder of LGBT Tara (Traveller and Roma Alliance); Rosa Meehan, Curator at National Museum of Ireland - Irish Folklife Division; Dr Hannagh McGinley, Education Officer for the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NCCA); and Owen Ward, Traveller Education Officer at the Access Centre, NUI Galway.


Detailed programme and booking will be available from mid-October. 


The IMA would like to acknowledge the assistance of Judith Finlay and Declan Walsh, National Museum of Ireland, and Brian Crowley, Kilmainham Gaol - OPW, in shaping this programme.