Report on museum-school engagement during and post Covid 19

12 Nov 2020

A report by the Irish Museums Association (IMA) shows appetite for increased museum & school engagement and demonstrates the valuable role of museums in supporting teachers and students, showcasing how museums complement the curriculum through onsite and online engagement.

During 18 September – 18 October 2020, almost 300 teachers across Ireland responded to a survey aimed at informing and guiding the museum in their efforts to continue to support the classroom during and post Covid-19.

Overwhelmingly, responses demonstrated the high value placed on school-museum partnerships and the appetite to develop these further. While almost 50% indicated they had not previously availed of online museum resources, 96% indicated they are likely to avail of remote museum programmes or resources for their classroom in addition to, or as an alternative to, a physical museum visit in the future. However, continued uncertainty over closure of museums within early levels of restrictions remain a concern.

Despite the huge difficulties faced by all in 2020, museums have remained highly active and programming has focused on creating opportunities for audiences of all ages to realise their creative potential along with gaining new knowledge and skills. This survey clearly demonstrates how museums have successfully continued to find ways to inspire and engage with younger audiences.

Among the key findings, we see a marked interest in low-tech resources in the form of blended learning, downloadable resources and material and ‘live’ online engagements in the form of short ‘ask the expert’ sessions., recognising how museums can assist students in understanding complex narratives and make emotional connections to academic learnings, while helping them develop analytical and social skills.

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