Open call: Museums in Short 2020

6 Aug 2020

“Going online”, “virtual visit”, “sharing cultural heritage through digital channels”… words that became a mantra, especially in these hard months.

Since 2012, Museums in Short makes accessible short videos realized by / for / with museums. Every year, a free platform is provided, where creatives, experts and non-experts can watch short videos from all over the world of museums.

There is no entry fee.

The best videos are rewarded with a symbolic prize. The winner will also be invited to present his/her achievement at the annual Best in Heritage IMAGINES event – the global conference featuring award-winning museum, heritage and conservation projects – that is held at the end of each September, in Dubrovnik (Croatia).

Share your video and be part of the 7th edition of Museums in Short, the award for institutions, authors or producers who use audiovisual language to promote museums - enriching exhibitions, mediating heritage and engaging new audiences.

Projects may include documentaries, animations, trailers and visual installations.

Museums in Short is promoted by musil – Museum of Industry and Labour, in collaboration with EMA - European Museum Academy and Forum of Slavic Cultures.

Read the Regulation and download the application form here: Regulation and Application Form.

The deadline is 31 August 2020.

For further information, see