New report on digital cataloguing

7 Feb 2023

The NEMO Working Group Digital Transformation has shared its latest report with the museum community in Europe and beyond. The Practical Guide for Digital Basic Cataloguing - 10 Principles is intended as use as a companion when organising digital information and creating a digital strategy.

By following the 10 principles, museums can be sure that their digital information is optimised for usage by both internal and external stakeholders. The guide does not go into detail about the type of information that should be part of a digital collection, rather it offers insights into how to process and prepare already defined information for digital cataloguing. Museums of all types and sizes will find these guidelines helpful since they can be scaled to fit any organisation's resources in terms of staff and finances.

The Practical Guide for Digital Basic Cataloguing covers a variety of important topics ranging from automated data enhancement, multilingualism, provenance and digital sustainability. Each chapter is summarised with handy recommendations and suggestions for further reading.

Click here to view and download this report.