New Museum of Time for Waterford

16 Jun 2021

In a new addition to the rich cultural offering in Waterford, Heritage Minister Malcolm Noonan launched Waterford Treasure's Irish Museum of Time on 14 June 2021.

The new museum is housed in a former neo-Gothic style Methodist church building on Greyfrairs street, dating from the 1880s, and located in the city’s Viking Triangle.

Positioned as Ireland’s National Horological Museum, this unique cultural institution is dedicated to the story of timekeeping in Ireland and the wider world, past, present and future, and features the largest collection of Irish made clocks in the world. The collection represents the evolution of Irish timepieces and is a window into the technical, scientific, social, economic, and political and the art and craft history of Ireland, particularly in Ireland’s Ancient East from the late 17th to the end of the 19th century.

The museum will be home to over 600 items set out over two floors - featuring the oldest Irish clocks, along with an international collection from the US, UK, France, Austria, Switzerland, France, Japan, Russia and more. It includes a a timepiece dating back to 1551.

The collection was enabled by the generous donations by benefactors Colman Curran, Elizabeth Clooney, and David Boles to Waterford Treasures of their personal collections, representing the core of the collection.

“This is the finest collection of Irish timepieces in the world. Waterford Treasures is proud to celebrate the incredible skills of the virtuoso craftsmen who, since the seventeenth century, created timepieces of remarkable beauty and technological genius.” - Museum director, Eamonn McEneaney.

For further information and bookings, see https://www.waterfordtreasures...