New Guidance, Collections Trust

9 Sep 2022

The Collections Trust has launched new guidance today (09 September 2022) to help museums rethink cataloguing.

In a bid to address the ‘gatekeeper’ mentality that can be a barrier to opening up collections information and achieving Arts Council England’s (ACE) ‘creative people’ outcome, the Collections Trust have revised Spectrum’s advice on Cataloguing and Use of collections, with the aim of encouraging a more inclusive approach, influenced by several rounds of public consultation carried out in 2022.

This is the latest update to Spectrum, the UK’s collection management standard that is also used around the world.

Updates include revised definitions and scopes for Cataloguing and Use of collections, new policy questions and updates to suggested procedures including new guidance notes.

The launch of the revised procedures will be supported by case studies, events such as the 2022 conference (5 October), training and online discussions.

Follow this link to read full details of the changes.