NEMO publishes Guidelines on climate protection in museums

6 Mar 2024

The NEMO Working Group Sustainability and Climate Action is proud to share Guidelines on climate protection in museums. The group wants to empower museums no matter their current level of expertise to participate actively in the pressing global issues of climate change and sustainability.

The guidelines support museums to make an active contribution to climate and environmental protection at all levels of the museum as well as to inspire action towards the sustainable development of society. In four main sections, the reader will learn:

1. How to strategically initiate the sustainability process.

2. Which organisational measurements to take.

3. Which fields of action to choose.

4. How to create a positive change in society.

The recommendations are summarised in a checklist that museums can refer to when analysing climate protection processes in their museums and get advice for their sustainability process.

The guidelines is the first resource produced by our youngest working group Sustainability and Climate Action. The members of the group facilitated the translation of the German original to make the guidelines accessible to more museum professionals across Europe.

Among other Climate Action activities by NEMO, the Map of climate action in museums is accepting ongoing submissions. This resource serves to demonstrate museums' strength in creating awareness, adapting, and fighting climate change. There is strength in numbers, so please contribute with big and small projects via the form