National Volunteering Strategy 2021 - 2025

7 Dec 2020

The Government of Ireland has published and adopted Ireland's first National Volunteering Strategy 2021 - 2025, setting out a long-term vision for volunteering and volunteers in Ireland. This Strategy articulates the commitment in the Programme for Government “Our Shared Future” to publish a strategy to support volunteering, including development of comprehensive supporting infrastructure and measures to disseminate best practice”

The Strategy forms part of a trio of policies to support a range of organisations who provide services to communities. Along with Sustainable, Inclusive and Empowered Communities: A Five-Year Strategy to Support the Community and Voluntary Sector in Ireland 2019-2024 and the National Policy on Social Enterprise, the Strategy sets a direction for government policy in relation to volunteers and the voluntary sectors. And in tandem, it sets out a long-term vision for volunteers in Ireland with actions to be implemented over the next five years.

The National Volunteering Strategy 2021-2025 was developed through partnership with local and central government and the community and voluntary sector. It is an ambitious strategy to support partnership and collaborative effort at all levels and between all stakeholders, comprising five high level objectives and 56 associated actions to support communities, their representative organisations, and the community and voluntary sector.

Click here to download the National Volunteering Strategy 2021-2025,