Museums Facing Extinction - report

15 Jan 2020

The participants of ‘Museums Facing Extinction’ pilot event (21-24 Nov 2019, Futurium, Berlin) divided into three groups were working on solutions for museums actions towards climate-positive future. Dive into the effects of the first MFE meeting in the series of articles:

What If We Put Nature in the DNA of the Museum?

The first group understood museums and their operations as institutions which should not only act as neighbours to other sectors or groups within the local community but which should also actively consider and support their local ecosystem.

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

The second group proposed that ‘Museums Facing Extinction’ could be ‘scaled-up’ in local communities, where current participants could act as ambassadors and recommended building a network which would provide guidance, additionally creating a list of doable actions regardless of a museum’s size.

A New Ethic of Care

The third group noticed that museum professionals have a diverse and amazing set of skills which are being applied to caring for objects and could be transitioned to caring for people. Those skills are applicable in this time of crisis.

The 'Museum Facing Extinction' pilot event was designed together with EIT Climate-KIC