Museum Ireland Journal 2019

1 Feb 2021

Following a hiatus in publication in 2016, the IMA recommenced publication in digital form of the annual journal in 2020 with the 2019 edition. Access is restricted to IMA members for twelve months from date of publication via the members' content area, following which open access is provided.

To view and download a sample article: Crowley, Brian & Wall, Oisín. 2019. 'Living Inside: Displaying difficult subjects and working with academic institutions'. Museum Ireland 26 (1): 20-24

Edited by Dr Briony Widdis, Museum Ireland 2019 contains selected proceedings from conferences and other events that have taken place throughout each year, critical discussion pieces, articles on new developments, along with book, museum, and exhibition reviews.

Content includes:


Amado, Miguel. 2019. 'Curating as Civic Engagement or Art without Art for the Undercommons: Reflections on Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art, a ‘Useful’ Museum'. Museum Ireland 26 (1): 3-7

Black, Graham. 2019. 'The Museum Experience in the ‘Age of Participation’'. Museum Ireland 26 (1): 8-14

Comer, Lorraine. 2019. 'A Space for Me, and You, and Us: Making Museums Meaningful'. Museum Ireland 26 (1): 15-19

Crowley, Brian & Wall, Oisín. 2019. 'Living Inside: Displaying difficult subjects and working with academic institutions'. Museum Ireland 26 (1): 20-24

Furlong, Holly. 2019. 'The Representation of the People Act 1918-2018'. Museum Ireland 26 (1): 25-27

Griffith, Kimberly. 2019. ‘Curious Creatures’: A Community Outreach Project at the Hugh Lane Gallery'. Museum Ireland 26 (1): 28-30

Kamal, Aalia & Sexton. Gemma. 2019. '14 Henrietta Street: A Case Study in Audience-Centred Thinking'. Museum Ireland 26 (1): 31-34

Klemencic, Emma et al. 2019. 'Supported Studios: Crawford Artists in Context'. Museum Ireland 26 (1): 35-39

Malone, Brenda. 2019. 'From Visitor to Participant: Engaging the citizen through contemporary collecting at the National Museum of Ireland'. Museum Ireland 26 (1): 40-43

Reid, Kris. 2019. ‘Queering the Exhibition’: Irish Museum engagement with LGBTQ+ identity and representation'. Museum Ireland 26 (1): 44-48

Scarff, Lynn. 2019. 'Thinking Outside in: Being relevant and staying on mission in a 21st century museum'. Museum Ireland 26 (1): 49-53

White Hamilton, Tríona. 2019. ‘Reimagine, Remake, Replay’: Engaging young people with heritage through digital and creative technologies'. Museum Ireland 26 (1): 54-57

Reviews: Museums

Bourke, Marie. 2019. 'Holy MoLi' - it's the Museum of Literature Ireland'. Museum Ireland 26 (1): 60-62

Crowley, Brian. 2019. 'Hillsborough Castle'. Museum Ireland 26 (1): 62-65

Hocking, Elspeth. 2019. 'HMS Caroline, Belfast'. Museum Ireland 26 (1): 65-67

Logan, Karen. 2019. 'Áras Uí Chonghaile – James Connolly Visitor Centre'. Museum Ireland 26 (1): 67-68

Purdue, Olwen. 2019. '14 Henrietta Street'. Museum Ireland 26 (1): 69-71

Reviews: Exhibitions

Kinsella, Elizabeth. 2019. [Review of 'The Keeper; To have and to hold', The Model, Sligo. February 2019 – January 2020]. Museum Ireland 26 (1): 72

McAtackney, Laura. 2019. [Review of '(A)dressing Our Hidden Truths', National Museum of Ireland, Dublin. From March 2019]. Museum Ireland 26 (1): 73-74

Reviews: Books

Hodge, Anne. 2019. [Review of 'Imaging the Great Irish Famine: Representing Dispossession in Visual Culture' by Kelly, Niamh Ann. New York and London: I.B. Tauris. 2018]. Museum Ireland 26 (1): 75-76

Mawhinney, Kim. 2019. [Review of 'Ceramics Ireland: Celebrating 40 years of makers and community' by Byrne, Tina Dublin: Ceramics Ireland. 2019]. Museum Ireland 26 (1): 76

Viejo Rose, Dacia. 2019. [Review of 'Heritage after Conflict: Northern Ireland' edited by Crooke, Elizabeth and Tom Maguire. London and New York: Routledge. 2018]. Museum Ireland 26 (1): 76-77

Reviews: Reports

Bailey, Chris. 2019. [Review of 'Heritage Ireland 2030 – Public consultation'. Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht. 2018]. Museum Ireland 26 (1): 78

Back copies of Museum Ireland can be purchased in hard copy from the IMA office or accessed at the National Library of Ireland and various university libraries around the country. They are currently being digitised and will be made available via the IMA website.