ICOM Ireland Consultation: new museum definition

25 Mar 2021

In 2019 the ICOM Extraordinary General Assembly held in Kyoto approved a motion to postpone the vote on a new museum definition, deciding to enter into a process of consultation and improved cooperation between committees. In December 2020, ICOM announced its intention to produce a new definition in time for the 2022 ICOM triennial in Prague. All ICOM committees have been asked to contact their membership and the wider museum sector in anticipation that a more widespread consultation will bring about a definition acceptable to all worldwide.

The first phase of this consultation (Step 3 in the overall process) is to identify the words and descriptions that are core to the definition. At ICOM Ireland they are asking museum professionals to contribute to the words/concepts ICOM Ireland will put forward. Please complete this concise survey and submit it before 31 March.

In addition, ICOM is also canvasing membership opinion to determine whether a revision of the current Code of Ethics for Museums is necessary and are interested in your opinion via