Heritage Ireland 2030

24 Feb 2022


Heritage Ireland 2030 is a cross-Government Strategic Policy for Heritage that sets out a framework for the protection, conservation, promotion and management of Ireland’s heritage for the next decade and beyond.

Prepared by the Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage, Heritage Ireland 2030 lays out a roadmap for the best possible future for Irish heritage with a joined up approach at government, stakeholder and community levels. A comprehensive implementation plan is now being developed to deliver on its actions.

This plan is built around a vision of our heritage – in all its forms – being at very centre of local and national discourse, valued by all and cared for and protected for future generations.

At the heart of this framework are three themes: communities, leadership and partnerships, reflecting the importance of ongoing collaboration between government and communities, heritage organisations, individuals and local authorities in caring and planning for our shared heritage. 

The proposed framework sets out structures through which all of these groups can come together to advance the protection of Ireland’s heritage. Recognising that responsibilities for Ireland’s heritage rest right across government, this structured framework will also enable the integration of heritage policy principles into decision-making across the whole of government.


Actions and Implementation

Heritage Ireland 2030 contains over 150 actions , each of which will be built upon and delivered within working groups. An Implementation Plan assigning actions and timeframes to responsible parties will be developed within six months of the launch of Heritage Ireland 2030, elaborating on the formation of delivery structures and providing a clear roadmap for implementing actions.

To ensure the success of the Implementation Plan, a delivery model will be established to provide oversight and transparency of the implementation of its actions. 

This will include:

  • A Heritage Ireland 2030 Senior Officials Group of representatives of key departments - with the input of local authority, sectoral and agency representation- as a subcommittee of the Senior Officials Group on the Environment and Climate Change will provide high-level oversight and support for the implementation of the framework.
  • An annual Heritage Ireland 2030 Summit , organised by the Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage will be held in locations across the state. This event, which will be open to members of the public, will provide an opportunity to bring together stakeholders from right across the heritage sector to report on progress , celebrate achievements and facilitate engagement on future direction
  • Dedicated Heritage Ireland 2030 Working Groups will drive delivery of detailed work plans, based around key priorities and themes. Membership of the Working Groups, which will be managed by the Heritage Council, will draw from Local Authorities, communities, government agencies and across the sector.
  • A Heritage Ireland 2030 National Heritage Forum , led by the Department of Housing, Local Government & Heritage will drive and coordinate overall delivery.
  • A Heritage Ireland 2030 Website and social media will provide regular updates and material on delivery; all relevant papers will be published online.



Click here to view and download this publication from the Department's website or here to download from the IMA website.