Help Covid-19 efforts by donating your museum's PPE

31 Mar 2020

Your museum can play a part in helping healthcare profesionals as they work on the frontline during this pandemic. 

Evi Numen, Medical Museum Curator & Archivist, School of Medicine, Trinity College Dublin, has compiled a list of the types of PPE requested and a list of hospitals, nursing homes, shelters and other institutions by location, so you can contact them and arrange a donation delivery. 

Sources for this list include and PPE calls by the individual institutions on social media. Some of the items requested will be out of the scope of what you have in your conservation tool kit, but you may know someone who can help source these items. Every donation helps.

The how to steps that follow are:     

• Identify the institutions in need that are close to you and contact them using the contact info provided in the table. 

• Confirm with them that they still need the items you can donate and arrange a drop off time.

• Please gather only items sealed in their original packages and ensure that you do so with clean hands.

• Please label these donations with your name or company name so they can thank you at a later date, if you wish.

• Check back on the website for new PPE calls or to find someone that can assist with delivery and drop off, if you cannot.

• This is not a complete list and it is subject to change as the situation unfolds. If you are aware of an institution in your area that may need PPE, please contact them directly to inquire. Nursing and seniors home may be in particular need of these supplies.

• If you cannot find someone in your area that needs PPE or if you are looking for other ways to help, please email

Click here for the list of contacts arranged by location.