Collecting action - History in the Making, House of European History

6 Aug 2020

The House of European History have been collecting evidence of life in Europe through our initiative Make Covid History, discovering a rich variety of museum initiatives collecting life during the pandemic and would like to showcase these pan-European collecting efforts in order to connect, confront and compare experiences.

They invite you to digitally display some of the results of your own Covid-related collecting actions, sharing a selection of images of your objects from your newly gained Covid collection The results of your work will get a voice and visibility across Europe.

They have created an initial exhibition page, which will be accompanied by a social media series and videos, to highlight the objects from contributing museums. Contributions could, for example, be a visual of an object, a photo, or video, accompanied with a title, the author, and a short background story about it. The texts can be written in your own native language if preferable, and will ultimately be translated and displayed on our exhibition page in 24 European languages.

Further specific guidance is available to download in the links below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Mark Arlestrand.

Please note that by sending your contribution you agree that the work and any rights related to it is the sole responsibility of the person or entity that provides it to the House of European History.

Lastly, many museums have been collecting evidences of the pandemic. The House of European History would like to research decisions concerning collecting during this time, and share insights, commonalities and differences into the approaches being used.

They have prepared a short questionnaire and will be very happy if you could share your experiences with them. Answers collected will be anonymised.

More information in the link below.

Documenting Covid: Technical Information

Collecting Covid: Questionnaire