Call for overarching approach to cultural sectors in NI

1 Nov 2022

The 'A Way Forward' document sets out a codesign approach and timetable to bring a draft vision and strategy forward by Spring 2023 for subsequent statutory public consultation.

It advocates a ‘whole of government’ approach to recognising the role of culture, arts and heritage in driving inclusive growth and social change and includes a Culture, Arts and Heritage Strategy Taskforce, which follows on from work of stakeholders who shaped emergency responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, and who called for a longer term vision and strategy to support recovery.

In launching this document on 27 October, Communities Minister Deirdre Hargey called for an over-arching approach to the cultural, arts and heritage sectors, highlighting their importance in building resilient communities, growing a stronger economy and achieving a more inclusive society:

“Culture, arts and heritage make a positive impact on a range of central and local government priorities.

“It is important to highlight the importance of culture, arts and heritage in strengthening and promoting the people, organisations and places which make such a difference in our lives and communities.

“Together we can fully unlock the potential of these sectors and realise our shared ambitions”


“This is a reflection on what I’ve heard from a wide range of stakeholders in their calls for a co-designed 10-year vision as the basis of a five-year strategy.

Culture, Arts and Heritage: A Way Forward