Bridges over Brexit

2 Oct 2019



Since the decision of the UK to withdraw from the EU was announced in 2016, the Irish Museums Association has been actively exploring the potential effect of Brexit on the museum and cultural sectors under the overarching concept of ‘Bridge over Brexit’ with our partners at Ulster University. 

In doing so, it has uncovered fascinating projects led by our museum members which have made a real contribution at grass-roots level towards peace and reconciliation within our communities on both sides of the border. 

We have drawn together a selection of these in this short publication, Bridges over Brexit, as these case studies provide powerful evidence of the ability of museums to bring creativity and imagination to the narratives of our past and present. They demonstrate how museums help us to better understand both our weave of diversity and our shared heritage and the positive impact of the museum's activity in our communities. 

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A sincere thank you to the museums who contributed to this publication and to the Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht who have funded both this publication and our wider Bridge over Brexit: exploring commonalities programme through their Cooperation with NI sheme.