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The Curragh Museum


Right under the Curragh Museum's feet is history dating back to prehistoric times: the Fianna used to meet at the Hill of Allen, Henry II camped there on his way to Dublin in 1171, the Jacobite army trained here in 1686-7, and the British Army - after establishing a permanent post in 1855 - trained men to go and fight in the Boer War and the trenches of the Somme during World War I.

At the Curragh Museum, you can visit this geographical and historical site featuring all aspects of the Curragh: military, civilian, equitation, conservation and archaeology. The museum is sub-divided into three parts: the environment encompassing archaeology, flora and fauna; the British military presence up to 1922; and finally the Defence Forces.

On display are weapons like the Brown Bess musket - one of the longest serving firearm in British Army service and the Martini Henry rifle - brought to fame for its quick firing rate of fire in the later 1800s. Also on display is the Beaverette armoured car - used by the Defence Forces after World War II. You can see the last British flag to fly over the Curragh Camp in 1922 - a monument in itself to Irish history.




The Curragh, Kildare


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