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Tandem Design


Tandem Design creates world-class visitor and brand experiences using smart, beautiful design with diligent research, writing and planning to tell stories that inspire and entertain. They believe in the power of interpretation to help individuals and communities find long-lasting value and meaning in heritage and culture. That’s why they place learning at the heart of their design process and understand its role in providing fun, thought-provoking and fulfilling experiences that will be remembered

Tandem Design works at every scale; from designing a tiny reading space that only children can access, to creating larger-than-life figurative statues that tower over visitors at an ancient heritage site. And, they have interpreted stories and places using all kinds of media; from paper leaflets and activity sheets – through interpretive exhibitions and interior interventions – to hands-on interactive displays and immersive audio-visual experiences.

Their Services

  • Heritage branding and identity
  • Site audit and master planning
  • Visitor Experience development planning
  • Storyline development, research and copywriting
  • Graphic design, detailed design and specification
  • Interior and Spatial Design
  • Exhibition fit-out co-ordination
  • Project and design management
  • Audio-visual and AR concept planning and art direction
  • Interactive concepts as part of project concept
  • Artefact display direction
  • Image research and licensing
  • Heritage publications and design for print
  • Activity guides and visitor engagement resources


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Twisel River Studios, Rollo House, 6 High Street, Hollywood, BT18 9AZ