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Stories of PEACE: people and projects

22 September | 12:00 - 13:00

Irish Museums Association (IMA)

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Has your museum received European Union funding in the past?  Were you involved in museum partnership projects using PEACE or other EU funds?  Did your project make a difference in your community or change your museum practice?  Do you simply want to find out more and be inspired?

Come along at 12 noon on Wednesday 22 September 2021 and contribute to a lively session on the impact of EU funded museum projects in Ireland.  Tell us about your experiences, the learning that had most impact and how you managed to deliver change for your audiences with this funding.

Join Gina O’Kelly - Irish Museums Association, Gary Martin - Cavan County Museum and Catherine McCullough - PhD researcher at Ulster University, to discuss the effect of these funding packages on the work of museums in Ireland, and the consequent impact of cross-border and cross-community projects.  Help us record these projects for future museum practitioners, as we begin to examine the ways in which these museum collaborations have changed the way we work, increased partnership and cooperation and delivered real change for the communities which we serve.  

PEACE PLUS, the latest version of PEACE funds will run from 2021-2027 with the aim of contributing to “a more peaceful, prosperous and stable society in Northern Ireland and the border counties of Ireland, and will leave a lasting legacy. The programme will achieve this by funding activities that promote peace and reconciliation and contribute to cross border economic and territorial development. It will build upon previous PEACE and INTERREG Programme” (European Territorial Co-operation 2021-2027, preparing the EU PEACE PLUS Programme for the 2021 – 2027 period, Consultation information document*).  This important event will allow information sharing and will help us as we prepare to make recommendations for the way ahead for museums in Ireland.

So please join us for the conversation, keeping your cameras on so that we can chat, listen and learn more from each other!