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Shaping culture through tech - CM Málaga: Culture & Museums International Tech Forum

20 June | 00:00 - 21 June | 23:59

FYCMA - Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga

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Malaga, Spain

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The second edition of the International Symposium of Museums and Cultural Entities: Shaping Culture through Tech will be held on 20 and 21 June 2022 in Málaga, Spain. 


The Museum Revisited. Digital value propositions for cultural organizations in the 21st century: meaning and sustainability. Rethinking cultural organizations as a whole, their function and interweaving in a society and culture in continuous connection, is the main purpose of this Symposium. The new cultural and artistic entities can contribute to the development and structuring of our complex and constantly changing society through digital language, whose contribution to the demands of the moment is extraordinary and still insufficiently exploited. The need to redefine the new functions of museums and the new cultural consumption, in a context of advanced technologization, will be once again evidenced by recent experiences of accredited voices on the international scene. 


Moderated by Ludovic Assemat, Artistic Director with the British Council, Spain & Portugal and with Rapporteur, Nuria Rodríguez, Universidad de Málaga, this year's edition of the Culture & Museums International Tech Forum will see industry leaders address the following topics in a series of presentations, panel discussions and case studies: 

Reflect: On how current trends in society are reshaping the future and relevance of museums and cultural organisations.

Reimagine: Discovering unexploited potential. From past traditions to the new museum: edutainment and service to the community and beyond. 

Reexamine: How artists can help reshape our society through freedom of thought and universal language. The role of artistic organisations in the construction of cultural identities.

Reconnect: Methods and technologies to reach audiences near (place) and far (virtual)

Review: Creative thinking and problem solving through diversity and inclusion

Recover: Financial sustainability: new strategies for development and expansion

Reinvent: The (new) hybrid museum. Building enjoyable virtual experiences


Registration is from €30 + VAT for professionals, €20 + VAT for virtual access to streamed content.