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RECHARGE Living Lab (research workshop opportunity)

10 February | 00:00 - 23:59

Communities of Culture @ Hunt Museum (supported by IMA)

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The IMA is delighted to support a new Horizon Europe cultural heritage project, RECHARGE, under the strand led by the Hunt Museum: leading a Living Lab between Museums, Companies with CSR missions and Local Communities, aimed at developing a project linked to climate action.

We are looking for five to ten museums interested in attending, an expense covered, a workshop in Limerick on February the 10th, 2023, with the equivalent number of companies to start the process of co-creating a project together.

The aim of RECHARGE is to explore new and innovative ways of generating revenue by co-creating new participatory business models using a Living Labs methodology, introducing a holistic approach where participation is key: from financing to planning and management, through to conservation, communication, and public engagement. Furthermore, RECHARGE will provide the added value of an independent impact analysis from two major European universities.

The outcome will be a RECHARGE Playbook, a sort of recipe book, for setting up a Living Lab and co-creating a participatory business model for the museum. There will also be the opportunity to tender to run your own Living Labs with a grant from September of 2023.

Benefits to the Museum sector include:

a: Gaining knowledge on new and tested ways to generate new revenue streams

b. Execution of projects using often unaffordable, technical knowledge and professional expertise.

c: Association with ambassadors for the work of the museum

d: Potential support for other programmes

e: Independent academic analysis of the efficacy of the models including understanding of the value of benefit in kind.

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Registration is now closed. To contact the Project Coordinator, Dr Simon Thompson, Communities of Culture @ Hunt Museum, please email