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Education and Outreach Forum 2021

18 May | 09:30 - 21 May | 11:00

Irish Museums Association and NI Museums Council

Event Address

Online via Zoom

Join us from the 18 to 21 May and start your day being inspired by the activity taking place in museums across Ireland at the annual Irish Museums Association's Education and Outreach (E+O) forum, presented in 2021 in partnership with NI Museums Council. 

In a series of four online 1.5-hour sessions running each day from 9:30 - 11:00, the Ed+O forum will provide an informal and supportive platform for exchanges of learnings, reflections on practice, and engagement with colleagues. 

With 12 speakers presenting short project-focused talks, keynotes looking at the future of museum education, and ample time for debate, it is intended as a place for critical engagement, examination and experimentation; where a lasting contribution can be made to the development of life-long education in the museum context.

In 2021, the Ed+O forum will bring together a diverse range of voices with a focus on:

  • Changes in practice. Critical thinking around learnings, how museum educators have adapted to the loss of access to on-site venues and physical engagements to continue to provide valuable interactions with existing and new audiences.
  • Cultural Democracy in action. Examples of true shared decision-making and collaborative curatorship - both within the museum and across partners - by embedding active participation in all aspects of development of a given project so that it is debated, designed, and delivered with, by, and for everyone.

The full programme to be announced in late April 2021. 

Registration can be made for individual sessions or the full forum.