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2021 Education and Outreach Forum

18 May | 09:30 - 21 May | 11:00

Irish Museums Association and NI Museums Council

Event Address

Online via Zoom



Join us each morning from 9:30 - 11:15 and start the day being inspired by the activity taking place in museums across Ireland.

From the 18 to 21 May, the annual Irish Museums Association's Education and Outreach (Ed+O) forum, presented in 2021 in partnership with NI Museums Council, will provide you with a space to exchange learnings, reflect on practice, and engage with colleagues from across the wider museum sector.

With speakers presenting short project-focused talks looking at the future of museum education, video presentations of highlighted projects, and ample time for discussion, the forum is framed as a place for critical engagement, examination and experimentation; a space where we all contribute to the development of life-long education in the museum context.


In 2021, the Ed+O forum will bring together a diverse range of voices with a focus on:

  • Changes in practice. Critical thinking around learnings, how museum educators have adapted to the loss of access to on-site venues and physical engagements to continue to provide valuable interactions with existing and new audiences.
  • Cultural Democracy in action. Examples of true shared decision-making and collaborative curatorship - both within the museum and across partners - by embedding active participation in all aspects of development of a given project so that it is debated, designed, and delivered with, by, and for everyone.


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Registration is open to all. 

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