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Decolonising Irish Public Heritage

14 May | 09:00 - 17:00

University College Cork

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Ireland’s historical status as a colony has meant that it has been marginal to recent discussions of the coloniality of public heritage in the Global North. And yet, colonialism in Ireland was always part of the wider network of coercion and exploitation that underpinned not just the British but also French, American, and other imperialisms. The museum collections, stately homes, and civic buildings inherited by the post-independence state in the South and the post-devolution state in the North were, in part, products of the exploitation not just of Ireland but also of colonies throughout the British and other empires. They are also living testaments to the ways in which the participation of thousands of Irishmen and women in the administration, spoliation, and oppression of other colonial territories has always shaped public heritage in Ireland.

This workshop will bring together experts in decolonisation theory, heritage professionals, activists, and public historians for a broad and open debate about the relevance of cultural decolonisation to the Irish heritage sector.

Keynote Speakers: Professor Ciraj Rassool, University of Western Cape, (11:00-12:00) and Dr Shahmima Akhtar, Royal Holloway, University of London, (14:30-15:30).

Roundtables: Decolonial Theory and Heritage in the Irish Context (9:15-10:45), Decolonial Curation (12:15- 13:30), and Decolonising Irish Public History (15:45-17:15).

This event is co-organised by Dr Anaïs Nony, Dr Jonathan Evershed, and Dr Dónal Hassett. For further information you can contact Dr Dónal Hassett at

This workshop is supported with funding from the Centre for Advanced Studies in Languages and Cultures (CASiLaC) in UCC and the Irish Research Council’s New Foundation Scheme.