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Building your Anti-Racist Culture

09 November | 10:00 - 13:00

AMA (Arts Marketing Association)

This workshop will enable you to start building a strong foundation for having an anti-racist culture in your organisation. 

In the wake of Black Lives Matter there is still much work to be done to dismantle outdated and harmful ways of thinking and acting. There is a lack of confidence and/or structure in this area that challenges the ability of many cultural organisations to bring about truly anti-racist cultures. 


This session will:

  • Help you identify opportunities to aid you in moving towards an anti-racist culture
  • Explore key pitfalls you need to avoid
  • Offer you a tried and tested framework of internal and external comms to utilise
  • Enable you to take part in personal reflection and supportive group discussions


Who will benefit the most from this session?

Those at mid-career level who want to work towards creating a truly anti-racist culture at their organisation. 



Ishreen Bradley | Chief Inspiration Officer | Belonging Pioneers

Mel Larsen | Independent Marketing Consultant | Mel Larsen & Associates