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An introduction to the Spectrum standard (non-UK based museums)

16 June | 14:00 - 16:00

Collections Trust

Collections Trust is based in the UK but works internationally helping shape the documentation standards used in many countries, always in step with wider information management developments. We have an unbeatable grasp of the issues around managing museum collections. The core of our work is Spectrum, the internationally recognised collection management standard with tried-and-tested guidance on more than twenty museum procedures. 

This bitesize online session is aimed at museum professionals outside the UK. It will be delivered by Collections Trust’s Outreach Manager, Sarah Brown, and will introduce you to the core principles and concepts in the latest version of the Spectrum standard (Spectrum 5.0). The session will cover an overview of what you will find within Spectrum 5.0; including policy considerations, requirements and suggested procedures. We will also briefly introduce the Spectrum 5.0 primary procedures; the ones that museums use most of the time and are the key to being accountable for your collection. There will be opportunities to ask questions throughout the session.

  • Date: 16 June 2022 • Online (Zoom) 14:00-16:00 BST
  • Price: STG £185.
  • Sessions will be hosted in Zoom and delivered in English.  
  • Delegates will receive a certificate of attendance. 


If you are based in England, please see our regional events pages for the many free sessions we run with our Museum Development partners as part of our grant-supported activity for Arts Council England. We also periodically deliver free sessions for museums served by Museums Galleries Scotland, the Welsh Government and Northern Ireland Museums Council.