Project Officer

Armagh Robinson Library, Armagh City

Applications by: 30 August

Armagh Robinson Library is seeking to appoint a project officer (Full-time, fixed contract for 12 months).

Duties and Responsibilities
• Undertake relevant research on the collections of the Library, specifically the Archbishop Robin Eames Collection.
• To catalogue the Eames Collection.
• To safely handle and pack historic items.
• With the assistance of Library staff, prepare an exhibition incorporating the Eames Collection.
• Assist with planning and organisation of photographic work of collection items, ensuring digitisation/photography of a selection of historically significant items from the Eames Collection for placement on the Library’s website.
• Liaise with schools, groups and individuals to ensure involvement in the project.
• Organise workshops/conferences/events, in-person and online, to promote engagement with the Eames Collection.
• Contribute to public engagement events and to education programmes, including giving talks both at the Library and elsewhere based on research undertaken.
• Responsible for preparation of PR/marketing activities associated with promoting the Project, including writing press releases, producing website information, writing posts for the Museum’s Facebook and Twitter pages, etc.
• Mentor and supervise volunteers and student interns.
• Report Project progress through written reports to the Director and Funder.
• Assist with preparation of claims to the Funder and monitoring audit requirements to ensure that all obligations are met.
• Responsible for evaluation of the Project to include designing evaluation forms, capturing and recording data.

Salary: £25,927 per annum.

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