Recommended Reading

Below is a bibliography of recommended texts authored by Irish museum professionals and/or on the subject of the Irish museum sector. In addition you can browse the list of IMA Publications if you click here.

Heritage Council Publications:
Click here to visit the Heritage Council Publications Page.

National Gallery of Ireland Symposia:
Click here to visit their website where many volumes are available for free download

Northern Ireland Museums Council:
Click here to visit the NIMC Publications page

General texts on Irish museums/heritage/cultural policy:

Barry, F. G. (1987), Between tradition and modernity : cultural values and problems of Irish society. Centre for Economic Research; no.23 Dublin: Department of Political Economy, University College Dublin, Dublin. Click here to download

Bourke, M. (2011), The story of Irish museums: culture, identity and education. Cork University Press, Cork. ISBN: 9781859184752

Brett, D (1996), The construction of heritage. Cork University Press, Cork. ISBN: 9781859180525

Buttimer, N., Rynne, C. and Guerin, H. (eds), (2000), The heritage of Ireland. Collins Press, Cork.  ISBN: 978-1898256151

Cooke, P., (2003), The containment of heritage : setting limits to the growth of heritage in Ireland. Studies in public policy (Policy Institute), 11. Policy Institute at Trinity College, Dublin. Click here to download

Kelly, A (1989), Cultural policy in Ireland. Irish Museums Trust, Dublin.


Museum ethics:

Museum Association UK (2015), Code of Ethics

ICOM (2013), ICOM Code of Ethics for Museums. ISBN-978-92-9012-407-8

Other links:

See also the University of Leicester’s Bookshop for a comprehensive listing of new texts on Museum Studies.