Archaeology Ireland magazine seeking submissions for 'Museum Piece'

5 Feb 2020

If you could showcase just one item from your museum, what would it be?

Archaeology Ireland magazine are seeking submissions from the Irish Museum sector for their next edition in Summer 2020 and beyond. The deadline for receipt of submissions to the next magazine is 10 April 2020.

For the last two years, Archaeology Ireland magazine has been running a one-page feature called ‘Museum Piece’ The aim of this series is to raise awareness among their readers of the various museums around the country and the wide array of interesting objects they hold, thereby encouraging them to go along and try them out.

Each submission consists of two elements: firstly, a brief description of the museum and its collections (250 words). This might include a brief description of its history/ how it came into being and what it represents or specialises in. A separate text box can include the ‘vital statistics’ of address, web address, opening hours and entry fee (if applicable).

The second element is a single, featured artefact from the museum, chosen by the writer (c. 400 words). This should include a description of what it is, where it comes from, its significance to its era/find context/the locality/the collection/the writer. These are really just ideas – what is written will depend on both the writer and the object. The object should be Irish-made or found in Ireland.

The article should include one photograph of the chosen artefact. For more information on image requirements, please see the contributor guidelines on our website (

So far the series has included a gold bird in Cork City Museum, the first book of Kilkenny in the Medieval Mile Museum, a mummified cat in the Limerick Museum and an 18th century reliquary in the Galway City Museum.