City Life: Museums and Community Regeneration (Seminar)

Posted: Monday, 03 October 2016

The Irish Museums Association is presenting the seminar, City Life: Museums and Community Regeneration', at Ulster University, Belfast on Friday 21 October 2016. The seminar and transport from Dublin is free for IMA members and students. General registration costs are €10 for the seminar to cover costs (including lunch) and €20 for transport.

'City Life: Museums and Community Regeneration' will examine how museums use their collections and services to address social issues and reflect underrepresented communities, where all sections of society can have a voice.

In particular, 'City Life: Museums and Community Regeneration' will look at the relationship that museums and heritage sites have with communities that have traditionally faced significant socio-economic challenges.

The Seminar will present and explore through a series of talks, practical examples and a site visit, some of the methodologies used in public history-making within the museum to safeguard and ensure that the legacy of the past is not lost in the context of rapidly evolving communities.

City Life: Museums and Community Regeneration is presented under the Cooperation with Northern Ireland Scheme operated by the Department of Arts, Heritage, Rural, Regional and Gaeltacht Affairs. Organised by The Irish Museums Association in association with Ulster University, the content of the seminar has been developed by Professor Elizabeth Crooke, Ulster University; Dr Emily Mark-Fitzgerald, University College Dublin; and William Blair, National Museums Northern Ireland.




Elizabeth Crooke, Professor of Museum and Heritage Studies, School of Creative Arts & Technologies, Ulster University

12:30- 13:20

Presentations by:

Paddy Gilmore, Director of Learning and Partnerships, National Museums Northern Ireland

Siobhan McCarthy, Learning and Inclusion Manager, Titanic Belfast

13:20 - 14:00


14:00 - 15:00

Presentations by:

Dr Tom Maguire, Coordinator, Exploring Heritage module, Cultural Heritage and Museum Studies MA, and Senior Lecturer, Theatre Studies, Ulster University

Dr Phillip McDermott, Lecturer, School of Sociology & Applied Social Studies, Ulster University

15:45 - 17:00

Site Visit, Ulster Museum - An opportunity to view and discuss practical applications of topics under discussion.


Please note: transport will be provided to those travelling from Dublin to Belfast and returning that same day, free for IMA members and Students and at low cost for 'general registration' tickets.

Departure from Dublin is 09:00 from outside the Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, Parnell Square, Dublin 1, returning the same day with departure from Belfast at 17:15 and arrival to Dublin at 20:00 (approx.)

This event is now fully booked.

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