Major new private fundraising initiative. Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) (Museum News)

Posted: Wednesday, 13 April 2016

IMMA, the Irish Museum of Modern Art, has launched a new fund designed to support the future of contemporary art in Ireland - IMMA 1000. The fund will aim to do this through three key ways, including supporting artists' work through the purchasing of work for the IMMA Collection.

IMMA 1000 launches with €60,000 which IMMA plans to double in year one through donations of €1,000 each from 60 visionary individuals. A reaction to the devastating cuts experienced by the Arts sector in recent years, IMMA 1000 is initially a three year fundraising programme 2016 - 2018.

IMMA Director Sarah Glennie said; "IMMA 1000 is a new fund specifically created to support our work with Irish artists in the drastically altered social and economic environment we find ourselves in today. Severe cuts in arts funding since 2008 have had a devastating effect on supports available directly to contemporary artists, and as a result artists simply cannot afford to live and work in Ireland, creating a huge concern for the future of Irish art, and contemporary Irish culture."

"Artists tell us about ourselves, they challenge us; they create space for difference, debate and imagination. Their voice is an essential part of a vibrant and dynamic society and it is essential that we value artists and create a sustainable base for them in Ireland. With IMMA 1000 we want to create a support infrastructure for working Irish artists today, securing the ecosystem for the future."

IMMA 1000 will look at:

- Supporting artists' work through the purchasing of work for the IMMA Collection.

- Supporting artists to live and work in Ireland through bursaries and the IMMA residency programme.

- Supporting artists' income through commissions and exhibitions.

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