Museums in Short Award 2016 (Contest)

Posted: Monday, 11 April 2016

European Museum Academy (EMA), Fondazione Brescia Musei and Cinema Nuovo Eden, musil - Museum of Industry and Labour, in collaboration with ICOM International and ICOM Italia, promote Museums in Short an international contest for short videos related to museums.  Deadline: 31 May 2016.

The contest is open to all the different forms of videos produced by museums.

Short films are a valuable instrument for disseminating museums' contents in an engaging and direct way. Launched in 2012, Museums in Short aims at enhancing the public awareness of the museums' role in the innovative video production.

In particular the Museums in Short awards will be delivered to the best video of the following categories.
- Museums in Short Award, for short films (max. 10 min.) conceived to promote museums, permanent or temporary exhibitions;
- Museums in Spot Award, for short presentations (30-90 sec.) conceived to promote museums on the web;
- Museums in Short - Special Prize ICOM Milan 2016, for short films (max 10 min.) related to the subject of 2016 ICOM General Conference: "Museums and Cultural Landscapes".
- Public Special Mention, online users can express their preference voting the best amongst the shortlisted videos through the online voting platform available on the website

Composed by experts and professionals in the domain of museums and video production, the commission will select the finalists. A Jury of Excellence will vote the Awards' winners.

The awards ceremony will take place in Milan (Italy), as part of the 24th General Conference of ICOM.

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