New Website for Nonprofits: ()

Posted: Thursday, 07 April 2016

Benefacts is a new, free online information service which will provide everyone with up to date facts and figures about Irish civil society organisations. The aim is to give listed nonprofits a view of their own data before it goes live to the general public. The beta version of the Benefacts website will be available on April 18th at

The beta edition of the website will include the Search and About menu options. In Search mode, users can search for a term and receive a list of relevant results which they can then sift through further by using the filter menu. They can also find governance, financial and regulatory information through the Search function. The first release of the website will provide financial data from 2013 and 2014. The About section is where users can learn more about the project, get answers to FAQs, view the articles, blog, knowledge base etc.

The full website with the Explore and API menu options will go live to the public on May 18th. The Explore function allows users to view nonprofit organisations by sector in terms of income, age, institutional profile, and public funding amongst other factoids and pieces of information. The API menu function is a link to their public API (Application Programme Interface) which is where people can generate data for themselves based on publicly available information.

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Click here to contact Benefacts for further information, or to attend one of the introductory events in April.