Virtual Capital of Culture: Project Workshop, Galway (Training)

Posted: Friday, 04 March 2016

Galway 2020 is hosting a ‘Project Development' workshop Thursday 10th March at 7-10pm in the Galway 2020 hub.

This workshop is part of the project initially entitled the ‘Virtual Capital of Culture', based around the use of Virtual Reality (Film/Animation/Gaming), Augmented Reality, Holography and 3D projection Mapping to explore the application of these emerging technologies and mediums to immerse people in entirely new artistic experiences, tell stories in completely new ways and look at the world from new perspectives.
and enable as many of Europe's 500m citizens to remotely experience Galway's programme of events in virtually immersive worlds.

The workshop will include:

An introduction to some of the world's most exciting projects in these emerging fields (We are hoping to have Virtual Reality Headsets on the night!)
An exploration of Galway 2020's artistic themes and bid concept
A practical workshop format looking at the development of potential virtual projects

Click here for more information on this event and to register (essential).