NEMO Annual Conference 2015 "Re-visiting the educational value of museums - connecting to audiences" (Conference)

Posted: Wednesday, 26 August 2015

The Network of European Museum Organisations, NEMO, will hold its Annual Conference in Pilsen, Czech Republic, this year from 5-7 November 2015. The conference offers an international view on the state of art on museums' commitment in the educational field and new approaches to building and attracting audiences.

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about projects in Europe and beyond, and engage with museum leaders and decision-makers on EU level.

Education is a well-developed field in museums, still museums have to work with and respond to ever-changing needs and demands from society. Who are their audiences, what are their needs and how can museums better connect to them?

NEMO's annual conference offers the opportunity to discuss such questions with policy-makers and experts from museums and museum organisations from all over Europe and get in touch with the involved EU level. Next to European projects, approaches from museums in the United States, Asia and Ibero-America will be introduced. The approaches to education and strategies for the training of museum educators in Asian museums will be explained, as well as what the environment museums in Ibero-America are working on when developing their educational profiles and what the "Magnetic Museum" in the US does better than others. Conference attendees can also participate in one of three workshops on audience development, digital engagement and museum advocacy strategies.

In addition, the conference offers a rich programme of museums visits and events that are organised in connection to Pilsen being the European Capital of Culture this year.

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