University of Cambridge Heritage Seminar (Conference)

Posted: Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The 15th Annual Cambridge Heritage Seminar will take place on 26 April, 2014. This event has a particular interest for Ireland and our Decade of Commemorations as they want to focus on the inclusion of experience of WW1 outside Britain. There is a call for papers.

The Great War is arguably one of the most significant conflicts in recent history. In this centenary year of the beginning of the First World War, as the grand narratives about the conflict come under renewed scrutiny and debate this conference focuses on the alternative forms of war heritagisation and commemoration emerging globally.

In exploring other voices disregarded by the mainstream grand narratives of European geopolitics, they aim to explore the weight of how they are inheriting 1914. With over 50 million pounds being invested in the UK in local communities' projects to re-establish claims on the memory of 1914 they are interested in exploring perspectives from the periphery (ie local, indigenous, former colonies and other previously overlooked regions).

This 15th Cambridge Heritage Seminar seeks to bring together researchers and practitioners from a wide array of disciplines and communities of practice to explore the range of narratives being constructed.

Click here to submit a proposal for a paper which is due by 15 February. You should clearly outline the questions that will be addressed and the empirical evidence or case study that will be drawn on. The proposals should not exceed 400 words and should be accompanied by a short (150 word) biographical note.

Click here for full details on their website.