Courses in Events and Event Fundraising, Belfast (Training)

Posted: Friday, 08 March 2013

Company Solutions (UK) Ltd are running their Essentials of Community and Events Fundraising, and Event Management Masterclass courses on Thursday 11 April 2013. Rates for 2013 courses have been frozen at 2003 levels to help charities in this difficult climate. Each course therefore costs just £49 plus VAT. The venue is the Holiday Inn Express, University Street, Belfast, with free car parking available.

COURSE 1 - Essentials of Community and Events Fundraising 9.15am-12.15pm

This course is suitable for anyone wanting to raise funds or currently raising funds from events and/or community fundraising activities. It covers...
- Successful events fundraising
- Building events into long-term income generators
- Enhancing event participation
- Developing the use of the media and social media in community fundraising
- Increasing event profitability
- Building volunteer support of fundraising
- Improving event design
- Developing volunteer fundraising groups

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COURSE 2 - Event Management Masterclass 1pm-4pm

This brand new course (2013) gives event managers and planners a range of new tools to use to get their events as perfect as possible.

The course includes the following sections....

- Getting the planning right for your events
- Setting objectives
- Balancing stakeholder needs
- Managing the impact of your events
- Managing your people
- Strategic marketing and sponsorship
- Controls and risk management
- Evaluation and future research

It is a totally different course to the previous Event Management courses, but the notes and exercises from the previous more introductory course are included on the disc here too.

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