Art and Climate Change: The Situation in Ireland (Appeal)

Posted: Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Research student Ms Belinda Long would be keen to hear from museums and galleries about policies, strategies or practices of the organisation and/or its members that are relevant to climate change issues.

In particular her PhD research in the University of Ulster will address:

  • What is existing practice in the visual arts on the island of Ireland in relation to dealing with the impact of climate change and the need for sustainability?
  • What is the state of such practice in relation to buildings, use of materials, conceptual content, career practice, especially involving travel, artworks and artistic methodologies and strategies and technical infrastructure ?
  • More specifically, what is relevant existing practice by government departments, arts councils, local authorities, art colleges, schools, art galleries and museums, other relevant arts organizations, materials suppliers and individual artists?

The research will be carried out by survey of documents, interviews with key individuals, focus groups, phone/email questionnaire surveys and site visits to key venues and events.

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