First Aid To Cultural Heritage In Times Of Conflict (Training)

Posted: Tuesday, 03 April 2012

First Aid To Cultural Heritage In Times Of Conflict is a course being run by ICCROM in cooperation with UNESCO, Blue Shield Network and specialized international and national agencies.

Armed conflicts world wide continue to involve deliberate or accidental damage to cultural heritage. Conflicts result in the weakening of governments and societies and endanger the core values that hold communities together. The protection and recovery of Cultural heritage can play a crucial role in rebuilding societies and in overcoming the sense of loss and displacement.

The course aims to give practical advice through group activities, interactive lectures, practical sessions, simulations, site visits and case studies.

Venue: Rome, with study visits to other cities in Italy
Dates: 24 September-26 October 2012
Fee: €900 and candidates must cover all personal expenses for travel and accommodation (about €1800)
Language: the working language is English

Applications: closing date for applications is 15 April 2012

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