Museum Ireland - Call for Contributions (Appeal)

Posted: Sunday, 17 July 2011

Are you interested in contributing to the IMA journal Museum Ireland?

Papers are normally commissioned by the IMA but if you have an article suitable for our 2011 volume please let us know. Click here to contact the Chair of our Publications Committee Nigel Monaghan in advance of writing any articles. We insist on titles and abstracts being submitted for consideration before accepting any articles. This year Museum Ireland will focus on our Annual Conference 2011 theme which dealt with sutainability. Contributions on this theme or from people who made presentations at IMA events in 2011 will receive priority when considering submissions.

Reviews are also welcome for our 2011 volume. Please contact us if you have an exhibition that you have visited and for which you would be prepared to write a review. Reviews are to be aimed at a museum-oriented audience, so we aim to give a flavour of each exhibition, focus on the quality of presentation, and the impact of the topic/subject/objects. Reviews must follow our style guidelines and be up to 500 words in length. Reviews of publications by Irish museums or about museology in general are also welcome. Click here to contact our Reviews Editor Rebecca O'Neill in advance of writing any reviews. We also welcome suggestions of publication titles or exhibitions worthy of review.

Style guidelines are online at:

Check our instructions for authors online at: