Museum Standards Programme for Ireland (Survey)

Posted: Wednesday, 01 June 2011

Please complete the survey below to assist in improving the Museum Standards Programme for Ireland.

The Heritage Council has run the Museum Standards Programme for Ireland (MSPI) since 2006. There are currently 50 institutions taking part. A review of the Programme is taking place to inform its future development. As part of this evaluation we are seeking to assess the number of institutions who are not currently part of MSPI and the collections in the country in order to assess future demand for the Programme.

If you have an immediate or longterm interest in the Programme please could you complete the survey and collections questionnaire and return the forms by Friday 10 June 2011, to Ms Lesley-Ann Hayden, The Heritage Council, Church Lane, Kilkenny or Click here to respond by email. With this survey the Heritage Council is also assessing future demand for the Museums Basics course on behalf of the Irish Museums Association.

Please note that any specific detail gathered from these forms is for Heritage Council use only; the overall collation of data may be used to lobby for better resourcing for the sector.

Click here to complete the survey 
Click here for the collections questionnaire 

Further information about the Museum Standards Programme is available at