Glass Symposium, National Museum of Ireland, Dublin (Symposium)

Posted: Tuesday, 01 May 2018

The National Museum of Ireland - Decorative Arts & History presents a one-day Glass Symposium: COLLECT COLLECTING COLLECTED on May 23, Dublin. This one day symposium has been organised by Artist in Residence Róisín de Buitléar in collaboration with National Museum of Ireland.

Registration cost: €10 - €25

This glass symposium will explore how, why and what makes a contemporary collection significant. If you are a collector, artist, academic, building a collection, or just love glass, this one day symposium will inform you in what to look for and what provenance, documents and supportive material become significant in personal and public collections.

Dr Audrey Whitty, Keeper of Decorative Arts and History collections, will explain provenance, through the collection of historical and contemporary objects at the National Museum of Ireland since its foundation in 1877.

Nigel Monaghan, Keeper of the Natural history collection, will dive into the world-renowned Blaschka collection of marine invertebrates. The Natural History Museum holds one of the largest collections of Blaschka models in the world. Each object was designed individually on commission, using combinations of glass, lacquers, and pigments, and represents the height of technical and artistic skill in Victorian glass art.

Artist Peter Young will share a personal insight into the commissioning process for his stained glass work and discuss other stained glass windows in Dublin, including the Harry Clarke Eve of St Agnes window at Hugh Lane.

Fred Curtis and Greg Sullivan cutter and copper-wheel engraver, masters in the former Waterford Crystal factory will share stories of the glory days working alongside 6000 other workers, in this most famous of glass factories. Listen to stories from the factory floor, how designs were developed, what working conditions were like, and how marketing strategies influenced the objects that Waterford Crystal produced.

The symposium includes a behind-the-scenes visit to Róísín de Buitléar's on-site residency studio, a unique visit to the museum stores to see special pieces not currently on view.

A guided tour of CAUTION! Fragile exhibition by the artists will be given. CAUTION Fragile! Is a unique collaboration, bringing a new perspective to the story of Irish glass as it examines its history and looks to its future.

An open question and answer session on collecting is also part of the day's events, with ample time to mingle and network between sessions.

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